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Thursday, June 2nd 2011

8:33 AM

Texting While Driving Hazards

Most of us have been jammed in back of those motorists who are all over the streets. You can see motor vehicles swerve, driving slower than they must and also other unpredictable driving style. It used to be you'd only find such type of driving from drunk individuals. But nevertheless, these threatening driving patterns really are aspects of a new type of diverted driving: text messaging.

Text messaging has developed into a national leisure activity. Citizens old and young have started to texting by way of their hand held phones. Referred to as SMS (short message service), the excitement about text SMSs is revealed in the numbers. At first glance, sending text messages seems a simple enterprise; with a decrease in verbal conversation in between human beings coming across as the only risk of its use. Regardless, test SMSs is additionally taking a toll on the driving lane. No less than two hundred thousaand auto accidents last year were being believed to be due to texting drivers, several predicted to are the reason for 3 percent of all car crashes that year.

Texts while driving a motor vehicle might be more risky in comparison to drunk driving, according to Car and Driver Magazine. Since it necessitates taking your eyes off the road and distracts you from possible street threats not to mention abrupt moves by other cars, trucks, SUVs, and all other motor vehicles that inhabit the roadways.

Texas is amongst an increasing number of states that have passed legislation to cope with the risks involved with distracted driving, a hazard which is gaining visibility across the country and beyond. The state legislature made texting while driving illegal eight months ago and we're one of more than 20 states and territories that have enacted such bans. Some states restrict cell phone use while driving, but no state has completely banned it.
Knowing all these facts then it should go without saying, texting while driving is a lethal combination to everyone on the road. It is so dangerous that texting while driving has been outlawed in most states and states and local governments have taken the matter into their own hands and passed their own laws banning the act. Victims of car accidents caused by driving while texting should consult a Colorado personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss the details of the crash and determine if they have a viable claim for compensation. A car accident lawyer can help victims make a smart decision about moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit so that you can be compensated for your losses and medical bills.

The risk, frequency and duration of text messaging makes it an activity more likely to lead to a dangerous crash or near crash than most other activities people do while driving. It may be referred to as "DWT" by your car accident attorneymc allen lawyer, but driving while texting is as serious an offense as drunk driving. If cellphone use and text messaging while driving may not be against the law in your state, their use can be the basis of a negligence claim if they cause a vehicle accident.
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Thursday, June 2nd 2011

8:31 AM

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